August 13 is Organ Donation Day. Aishwarya Trust remembers and thanks to all Donor families for their noble act, which has helped give a new lease of life to all those patients who have suffered organ failures.

There are many myths and fears about organ donation, mainly because of a lack of awareness. This day aims to dispel these myths and motivate people to pledge their organs for donation while letting their families know of this wish.

Today, let us all commit ourselves to spread the awareness and importance of organ donation.

Aishwarya Trust will continue to support children from economically weaker sections of society and in need of organ transplants, by giving them a second chance at life. In 2021, the Trust has provided financial and medical support for several Paediatric heart transplants. Their families are grateful for our support.

To date, we have supported 103 of the 402 transplants performed by Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan and his team. Lending support for Pre-Transplant workups, blood tests, transportation/airlifting of organs, Transplants, EM Biopsy post-transplant & medication support. Organ transplant is the last mode of treatment for end-stage organ failure. Today, on this Organ Donation Day, Aishwarya Trust reaffirms its pledge to lend a generous helping hand to children suffering from end-stage organ failure.