Meet Sharmila, our “Brave Heart Warrior” after undergoing a successful heart transplant.

Aishwarya Trust and a team of doctors, led by Dr. K.R, Balakrishnan from MGM Healthcare, Chennai, come together yet again to save another precious life. Sharmila, aged ten years, lives with her parents and brother in the village of Arasur in Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu. Her father, Sayed John Basha, a tailor, and her

South East Asia, Middle East & Africa’s First Biventricular Berlin Heart Implantation on 3-Year-Old-Russian boy

MGM Healthcare, Aishwarya Trust’s partner hospital in Chennai, has performed a complex artificial heart implant procedure for the first time in South East Asia, Middle East & Africa involving two artificial heart pumps known as ‘Berlin Heart’ to support both the right and left side of the heart of a 3-year old

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