It was July 2020, the Pandemic was still raging in Chennai and the city continued to be under lockdown. Despite the circumstances, Manjumalathi was eagerly waiting for the birth of her newborn. However, within 4 hours after birth, the baby started showing signs of breathing difficulty. The baby was immediately intubated for suspected meconium aspiration.

However, after a week, despite medication and care when the baby did not show any improvement, the doctors realized the newborn was suffering from complex heart disease. The baby was diagnosed with a condition called supercardiac TAPVC, which required urgent surgery.

Aishwarya Trust was alerted of the situation and the parents’ inability to pay for the surgery. Plans were put in place to shift the baby to MGM Healthcare for surgery. Under the care of Dr. Ganapathy and a team of nurses, anesthetists, surgeons, and perfusionists, the surgery went well. However, due to severe lung congestion, the baby took over a week to be weaned away from ventilation.

The baby safely returned home to the delight of the parents and is progressing well today.