Saving newborn during COVID times. Once again, #AishwaryaTrust and the team of doctors at #MGM Healthcare rise to the occasion.

Rajkumar, a truck loader in Kerala and his wife Kavitha, were looking forward to welcoming their first child into the world. However, COVID -19 impacted Rajkumar’s livelihood, he lost his job, and his wife had to move to their village in Theni for the delivery. The parents’ joy with the birth of the newborn was unfortunately short-lived. The baby was diagnosed with having transposition of great arteries with an intact ventricular septum. A heart condition that could turn fatal if not treated immediately. More bad news: villages and small towns do not have the facility to treat newborns with complex heart diseases. The only hope was to transfer the baby to a hospital in Chennai.

Rajkumar was determined to save his child. He was willing to undertake the challenging journey to Chennai in these difficult COVID times. Changing multiple ambulances, and with only “faith” to help him, he travelled to Chennai with the child. The mother recuperating from childbirth stayed behind in Theni. At MGM Hospital, the baby underwent surgery on day 5 of its life. Following successful surgery, the baby recovered rapidly and was shifted out of the hospital by day 11 of its life to be reunited with the mother.

This feat was possible with a dedicated team of Surgeons, led by Dr. Ganapathy Subramaniam, a team of Anesthetists, Perfusionist, and Nursing personnel. Aishwarya Trust is grateful for the opportunity to save yet another precious young life. We are also thankful to the doctors at Institute of Child Health, paramedics team, and the milk bank for supporting our efforts to care for the baby’s needs while making the difficult journey from the village to the city and back, changing three ambulances each way.

Aishwarya Trust is committed to serving underprivileged families by saving precious little hearts through early detection and treatment of #Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).